Graphite Felt

Rigid graphite insulation exhibits good electrical conductivity at high temperatures above 2000℃ and higher thermal resistivity compared to traditional processes.

Advantages of Rigid Graphite Insulation:

Rigid graphite is easily machinable and its homogeneity, allowing machining of very complex shapes, enables precise control of the thermal gradient in your high-temperature processes. It can be transformed into cylinders, boards, or any other geometric shapes. We also provide various surface treatments (special graphite coating, graphite sheet coating, carbon fabric coating, etc.).

Applications of Insulation:

• Thermal insulation for vacuum or inert gas furnaces

• Degassing, brazing, annealing, and sintering furnaces for metals

• Induction furnaces

• Filters for hot or corrosive liquids and gases, and molten metals

• Support for welding or brazing

• Microelectronics and semiconductors

Characteristics :