Graphite Felt

Graphite is an elemental carbon (C) mineral with a hexagonal crystalline structure. This soft and flexible material is characterized by a black or grey-black color. Flexible graphite felt is available in thicknesses ranging from 5 to 20 mm, in strips up to 1400 mm wide, typically processed at temperatures exceeding 2200°C, and can be purified to less than 20 ppm of total ash.

Advantages of Graphite Felt:
  • Low thermal conductivity

  • High specific heat for quick heating and cooling of the furnace

  • Easy to implement, can be cut with scissors or a cutter

  • Not wetted by molten metals

  • High purity, contains very little sulfide or ash

  • Does not accumulate static electricity

Applications of Graphite Felt:
  • Thermal insulation for vacuum or inert gas furnaces

  • Degassing, brazing, annealing, and sintering furnaces for metals

  • Induction furnaces

  • Filters for hot or corrosive liquids and gases, and molten metals

  • Support for welding or brazing

Characteristics :